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Rules of Play

Alley Cats Rules of play
To ensure safe play, guardians must read, and adhere to the rules at all times.

1. No child will be admitted without an accompanying adult (over 18).
Guardians must remain in Alley Cats at all times and should never leave children unattended. They should observe the children, in their care, at all times. Guardians are solely responsible for the behaviour and well-being of all children in their care. We will not take requests for unaccompanied minors to go out of the gate without getting the guardian’s permission first. Alley Cats do not accept responsibility for supervision of children.

2. Children over 12 years old or over 4’ 10’’ (148cm) cannot use the facilities.
Height/age restrictions are in place: the Baby area is strictly for 0-12 months. The Toddler area is strictly for up to 59 months i.e. under 5 years of age. All children 5 years of age and over (60 months to 12 years) should use the large frame. Younger children may use the large frame, only if their guardian deems them capable. The appropriate level of supervision should reflect this. Adults and taller children must ask permission, from staff, if they wish to enter the large frame. Permission may be granted at their discretion.

3. Adults & children must remove shoes before entering the frames. Socks/stockings must be worn by everyone, at all times.
Bare feet are not permitted. Socks can be purchased at reception. It is recommended that long sleeves and trousers are worn, with tops tucked in at all times. Clothing made with man-made fibres, such as football tops, are not recommended.

4. No sharp or potentially dangerous objects can be taken into the Play Centre.
Lockers are provided for storing sharp items, lighters, matches, cigarettes, vapours, vapour refills, medication, etc. (This list is not exhaustive). Only spectacles with shatter- proof lenses and a retainer should be worn on the frame. Buckles, jewellery, badges, toys and clothes with attachments, cords etc. should not be worn on the frame.

5. Food, drinks, confectionary and toys etc. cannot be taken on the frames.
Chewing gum and nut products should not be brought into the play area. Only food and drink purchased from Alley Cats kiosk (birthday cakes, for booked parties, are the only exception to this rule) may be consumed on the premises. Alley Cats cannot be held responsible for third party supplies. Nutritional content is available on request. Alcohol cannot be brought onto, or consumed on, the premises.

6. Children must not climb or swing on the netting or structure.
They must not stand or climb on the boggle ball, ball shower, tables or chairs etc. Children must not play or linger in front of the exits and slides, or climb up the slides. They must not throw balls, play football with soft play equipment or ride the cars/bikes outside the car wash area.

7. Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated.
This includes arguing, taunting, threatening, fighting, bullying, bad language, rule breaking etc. Customers under the influence of alcohol, drugs etc. must not enter the Play Centre. Customers may be asked to leave the frame or the play area. No refund will be given. Verbal abuse and intimidation towards the Crew will not be tolerated. Management reserve the right to refuse admission.

8. Do not intervene in incidents yourself.
To minimise further risk and to enable assistance report all accidents, spills, damages and incidents to a member of Crew, immediately. Do not approach other children or guardians yourself.

9. Children must be accompanied to the bathrooms.
Guardians should ensure that all children wash their hands before returning to the play area. Nappy changing and use of potties etc. should only be conducted in the toilets facilities, ensuring all nappies are placed in the correct bin. These areas are to be left clean and tidy. We promote breast feeding in the Play Centre. There is a dedicated area for Nursing Mothers who may wish for more privacy.

10. Alley Cats accept no liability for theft, loss or damage of personal belongings.
We recommend that you do not bring valuables into the play area. Do not leave personal property unattended. Alley Cats Indoor Soft Play & Party Centre/ Movie House Cinemas Ltd accept no responsibility for damage or loss of any personal property.

11. Play is restricted to 1.25 hours.
If you wish to stay longer you must speak to a member of the Crew, who will use their discretion. There may be an additional fee. Opening and closing times alter due to holidays, parties, events, deep cleaning etc. It is recommended that you phone to check with us, before leaving home, to avoid disappointment.

12. Customers who are unwell should not enter the Play Centre.

13. Customers may not take photographs or videos.
You must ask a member of the Crew if you wish to take a photograph or video of your own child/ren. You may not include any other child/ren or adult in this photograph or video. Your request may be denied.

14. First aid and First aiders.
There are trained first aiders and a first aid box on-site. Please ask for assistance.

Please be aware that CCTV operates in this building.
Guardians will be asked to provide their surnames and mobile numbers. This information is strictly for emergency purposes and only for the duration of your stay, on the day, in the Play Centre. If you give your surname on exiting the play area, your details are immediately deleted from our system. If you should forget to provide your surname on exiting, then your details are wiped from the system on close down, that day, of the Play Centre. Your details are not shared, or passed on to any 3rd parties.

Alley Cats Indoor Soft Play & Party Centre Crew supervise the play equipment maintenance and help to maximise both your children’s, and your enjoyment of the play experience. They are not a replacement for parental/guardian supervision.
While every consideration is given for the safety of customers using the play area and/or attending parties & events etc; Alley Cats Indoor Soft Play & Party Centre, and Movie House Cinemas Ltd cannot be held responsible for accidents and incidents which occur during your visit.
Alley Cats reserve the right to alter their times, prices, packages, terms and conditions, without prior notice, to suit business needs.