From 10 August, the N.I. Executive has made it mandatory to wear a face covering in certain indoor settings.

Given the nature of activities within The Jet Centre, we would ask all our customers who wish to enter our building to wear a face covering / mask in the following common areas:

Cinema Foyer

Arcade & Redemption

Bowling Reception

Alley Cats Reception


Bowling: guests can remove their masks once at the lanes.

Cinema: guests can remove masks once inside the cinema screen.

Yoko Restaurant: Guests can remove their masks once seated in the restaurant.


Please feel free to wear your mask at all times if you wish and try to maintain social distancing of at least 1+ metres.


You do not have to wear a face covering:

  • - if you are under the age of 13.
  • - if you are a member of staff from the Jet Centre.

We acknowledge that some circumstances make it difficult for some people to wear face coverings and that you may have a reason not to wear a face covering in the Jet Centre.

Please respect one another and remember that the reasons for not wearing a face covering may not always be visible.

We would ask that everyone follow the guidelines above so all our guests can have an enjoyable visit to The Jet Centre.

Thank you for helping us, help keep you safe.

The Jet Centre