Subtitled movies for deaf and hard of hearing  at Movie House Coleraine

Jet Centre Movie House make weekly accessibility screenings for audiences who are deaf or hard of hearing by offering subtitles on all films at all performances on Mondays  permanent .

“We are dedicated to giving our customers the best cinema experience and are continually working to improve accessibility. " I am glad that we've turned the trial period into a permanent part of our regular programming,” Michael McAdam, managing director of Movie House explained.

The Subtitled Mondays screenings  include all current films  The programme and showtimes will change each week but will include all films where subtitles are available.

Movie House Coleraine is fully wheelchair accessible and currently runs monthly Autism Friendly Family screenings.

The company is also due to install audio description in its screens in Coleraine. This allows people who are blind or partially-sighted to follow a narrated sound track through special headphones provided at the cinema. The narration cannot be heard by other audience members.

“We hope our customers will give us feedback when they attend a subtitled screening. It will help us make decisions on the future of this provision,” he added.

All subtitled movies are marked cc (closed caption) on the showtimes pages of the Movie House website. To find subtitled showings at Movie House Coleraine, check, then select Coleraine’s Monday performances.