Old Gem Mining

Come on in to our Wild West Gem Mine where you can become a prospector searching for gems, fossils and arrowheads!

This fun new outdoor attraction lets you search for real treasures that you can take home with you. Just choose what you want to hunt for from our great selection, pick up a mining box and take it over to the sluice – that’s our amazing new water feature that lets you pan for gems! Then see what you can find.

Its as easy as 1 – 2 – 3

  1. Select a bag of mining rough enriched with real gemstones, arrowheads and fossils from around the world.
  2. Pour part of the mining rough form the bag into a screen bottom box.
  3. Dip the box in the water and watch the gemstones appear as the soil washes away.

Packages & Prices

Paydirt £5.00          Mother Lode £14.00

Emerald £7.50        Fossil Find £6.00

You can book for the Old Gem Mining Company through our Mini Golf Department on 028 7035 0006